Monday, October 27, 2014

Wecome to ALC ~ The 21st Century Old Folks Home

Three weeks after moving to an apartment in an Assisted Living Community [ALC] I stepped out onto the balcony in hopes that seeing trees in transition would bolster my hopes. My husband of 65 years and I were also in transition.
September's usual fall rains had been skimpy ~ which was a blessing for our unexpected move ~ but lack of moisture often caused tree leaves to end their lifecycle without the colorful demise that gladdened the hearts of those fortunate enough to witness the glorious reds, saffron, oranges and bright gold hues.
Several varieties of maple trees, already richly gaudy from treetops downward to where mature green leaves glistened on lower branches presented an array of beauty beneath a wild variety of grey clouds skidding across blue sky which heightened the colorful hues.
Our balcony's roof and railings framed the view, and I felt as though nature was pointing the way of our new life-phase.
If asked, I'd wager nine out of ten people in our generation would say emphatically, "No way! I'll never live in an old folks home!" Certainly it never entered our minds.
Oh, sure, gender, age, and statistics indicated I'd be widowed ~ eventually. Nevertheless, we felt prepared for it. Our home was large and I had no aversion to sharing it with other widows ~ when the time came.
Yet on this day in early October we were here ~ in an apartment in an Assisted Living Community ~ faced with this new experience.
Could we adapt
Would we be happy?
What did our future hold?
As I designed the layout for this blog and titled it I added, "The goal of this website is to help and encourage those who never imagined they'd move to an Assisted Living Community, but never-the-less are faced with the challenge. Please leave a comment to guide me as I take up this new challenge. If you have a story to share or want to suggest a topic to encourage others adventuring through this phase of life feel free to contact me."

[Readers who want details of "our story" can read it by clicking here.]

Mona ~ one month before the unthinkable happened,
An accident changed our lives,
Assisted Living Community lifestyle became our best option.



  1. Mona, your new website is beautiful! I love that picture of you just smiling and offer congratulations and words of encouragement. Your writing can help many facing the same decision -- So here's to a wonderful start to the next adventure. Can't wait to see what's next. Beth

    1. Thanks for your kind words and encouragement, Beth. I plan to post weekly. ;) Mona

  2. You are living in a state I hope to get to someday in the not-too-distant future, for many reasons. I hope things go smoothly for you there, Mona. I look forward to your ongoing comments...Barry

    1. Thanks for wishing me well in this new endeavor, Barry. I hope you get to Washington state soon, and that you enjoy many of its unique areas. Mona :)