Monday, February 15, 2016

Learn Why Everyone Should Plan Beyond Life ~ and How To Do It

Americans dislike talking about death, much less attending to advance planning. Now, a new Washington-based website, PlanBeyond , is a one-stop place to get information on resources that should be high priority for everone, not just those in their senior years.

The website goal is to guide you, and remove the burden of industry jargon while providing one place to go for the kind of help that's scattered all over the web.

You'll find a host of information and resources for end-of-life decisions. Besides estate planning help, it includes links to information such as, Is Life Insurance Without a Medical Exam Worth It?, The Biggest Medicare Mistake You Can Avoid, Alternatives to a Payable On Death Account, and many more.

Of particular benefit are articles by professionals in various fields, and state-specific advice because laws vary in every state.
"A 2012 study by the American Medical Association sugests that 76 percent of people in the United States neglect end-of-life planning, often waiting too long," said Seattle-based Laura Troyanai, founder and chief editor.

Do yourself a favor, visit the site, browse the links, and then bookmark PlanBeyond.

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